The beverage industry calls for the gradual introduction of digital labeling of bottled drinking water

The Union of Juice, Water and Beverage Producers has prepared proposals for the gradual introduction of mandatory digital labeling of bottled drinking water. They proposed deadlines for implementing this solution for specific types of water, as well as other details related to changes in the technical regulation for drinking water.

A voluntary digital labelling experiment

It should be noted that on April 1, 2020 - June 1, 2021, an experiment on voluntary digital labeling of bottled drinking water took place. It was carried out in accordance with Regulation No. 348 of March 27, 2020. In this document, the goals and objectives of the experiment, its course, and a list of goods for marking were established.

Timetable for the introduction of mandatory digital tagging

The beverage producers community committed to the revision has proposed to start labeling with identification measures:

  • from March 1, 2022 for medicinal water
  • from September 1, 2022 for table mineral water and table medicinal water 
  • from March 1, 2023 for drinking water

The government has prepared a draft according to which mandatory labeling is scheduled for September 1, 2021.

Proposed amendments to the regulations of the technical regulations TR EAEU 044/2017

In addition to the above-mentioned deadlines, the beverage industry presented proposals to amend the current edition of the technical regulation "On the safety of bottled drinking water" (TR EAEU 044/2017). Experts consider it necessary to exclude the established norms of manganese content in mineral water with healing properties, to regulate the value of the interference level of natural radionuclides and to change the definition of "weak silica".