Standard for oet hotels has entered into force in Russia

On July 1, 2021, an update to the GOST R 57014-2016 standard entitled “Services of non-productive animals. Services in temporal maintenance non-productive animals. General requirements” was published. These types of hotels allow caregivers to leave their pets there for a specified period of time, for example, for a period of holiday leave, for a specified fee.

Who can provide hotel services for pets?

The GOST R 57014-2016 standard applies to services for the temporary leaving of non-productive animals in a hotel provided by legal entities, as well as individual self-employed entrepreneurs. It is worth knowing that, regardless of the type of business, an entity providing hotel services for animals, in order to confirm compliance with the standard, must adapt to the requirements specified therein.

Update of the nomenclature

The standard specifies the requirements for keeping animals in hotels and shelters. The definition of an animal keeper has been specified. In terms of definition, the standard refers to the normative references to the following standards:

  • Standard GOST R 54953 “Zootechnic production for non-productive animals. Terms and definitions."

  • Standard GOST R 54955 “Services of non-productive animals. Terms and definitions."

The requirements for hotels for pets are specified in the document

The discussed GOST standard defines a number of guidelines for entities providing hotel services for animals. It specifies the number of animals that can be kept in a given type of premises at the same time. The requirements for the storage of pet food and the requirements for materials used to finish the rooms in which the animals will be kept have also been defined. In formal matters, this standard specifies the approximate form of keeping records of arriving and departing guests of hotel facilities for animals.