Russia is preparing the GOST standard for environmentally friendly toys

The Russian Association of Children's Goods Industry Enterprises (AIDT) has initiated the development of a new GOST standard for environmentally friendly toys. Scientific research on the preparation of its first edition will begin next year, and GOST may be ready as early as 2022 - announced the president of AIDT, Antonina Tsitsulina. The document will be developed with the participation of specialists from the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology Rosstandart and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

So far in Russia there are no documents specifying the quality of environmentally friendly toys. Preparation of the standard and its first edition will begin next year, and GOST may be ready by 2022 - said AIDT president Antonina Tsitsulina.

Legal provisions in the planned GOST standard

Experts from the children's toy industry emphasize that the document should detail the requirements for raw materials and dyes, as well as the production process itself. At the same time, plastic in eco-toys can only be used if it is made of plant polymers.

No more toys that are harmful to people and the environment

The issues related to the disposal of toys are also to be regulated. All toys that meet the standard will have to be recyclable, that is, fully recyclable. This approach will make it possible to produce products without littering the environment. The new toy standard will confirm that the products do not have a harmful impact not only on the environment, but also on the health of consumers.

What is the current situation regarding toys labeled "eco"?

The idea of ​​developing a standard stems from the fact that toys with the inscription "eco" often appear on the market of children's products, despite the lack of certificates and documents confirming the environmental friendliness of such products. According to preliminary estimates, in the future, eco-toys will cost more than ordinary ones, but they will last longer.