Russia introduces a state standard for bus equipment

The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) has approved a new standard for buses. It was named GOST R 59848-2021 "Motor vehicles of the M2 and M3 categories. Technical requirements and test methods ”.

Deficiencies in the legislation revealed during the audit

The standard was developed by the department that is the supervisory body for compliance with the requirements of the technical regulation TR CU 018/2011 "On the safety of wheeled vehicles". The reason for its creation were mass inspections of the equipment of buses used in Russia. They have been carried out since 2019. Regular field tests with the use of the so-called controlled destruction methods revealed major shortcomings in the current requirements for buses. It is also worth adding that the obtained results of the research were also the basis for the Russian Federation to organize work on the amendment to the binding Regulations of the UN EEU No. 66.

What is the scope of the new standard?

The GOST R 59848-2021 standard contains higher than the existing requirements regarding the quality and safety of bus equipment, including the functionality of emergency entrances, external elements of passenger compartments, in accordance with the United Nations Regulations No. 66. This standard will apply from June 1, 2022

Bus equipment important for the safety of passengers

In mass transit vehicles, additional safety equipment plays a key role. It is impossible to protect passengers of this type of vehicle from road accidents to the same extent as in passenger vehicles, but the installed equipment in the event of a collision or accident can protect the life and health of dozens of people.