Proposed changes to the regulations regarding the safety of buildings and structures

The Federal Center for Regulation, Standardization and Technical Conformity Assessment in Construction has prepared a draft amendment to the federal law "Technical Regulations for the Safety of Buildings and Structures".

Updating the provisions of the regulations subject to consultations

At the end of August 2021, the document with the draft changes was sent to the National Association of Surveyors and Designers for consultation. The proposal or comments will be helpful in establishing a common position.

The adoption of the discussed changes is intended to enable the systematization of mandatory and voluntary requirements for the safety of structures and buildings, increasing the effectiveness of safety mechanisms in the construction sector, as well as facilitating work on technical regulations in this area.

The scope of the proposed changes

The most important changes developed are:

  • authorizations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation to approve lists of national standards and sets of rules that are used to ensure compliance with the requirements of the national technical regulations for the safety of buildings and structures
  • granting the Ministry of Construction the right to define the principles of compulsory conformity assessment of buildings and structures, including the related engineering research, design, construction, assembly, regulation and demolition processes
  • creating a register of safety requirements for buildings and structures, containing provisions of standards and codes of conduct, special technical conditions and other requirements
  • adding a regulation, with the proviso that the suitability of the new products for use in construction must be confirmed by a technical certificate of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, issued by a subordinate, authorized organization
  • approving the development of a set of rules based on the standards of the organization approved by the Ministry of Construction

The current act on buildings

We remind you that Federal Law 384-FZ "Technical Regulations for the Safety of Buildings and Structures" has been in force in the Russian Federation for over 10 years. This law entered into force in July 2010. Principles of mandatory conformity assessment of buildings and structures, as well as design, installation and other processes. is specified in article 39 of this document. According to the law, mandatory conformity assessment includes: examination of the results of engineering studies, control of the construction process, a statement on the compliance of the design documentation with the requirements of the regulations, and the like.