Permissible content of phthalates in toys and articles for children

The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) has adopted the GOST standard, which defines the permissible content of phthalates in toys and articles intended for children

What kind of substation are phthalates?

Phthalates are chemical compounds derived from phthalic acid. They are commonly used in industry because they give flexibility to plastics. Phthalates are used, among others, in the production of packaging, household products, carpets, cosmetics, medical devices, tools and toys.

Scientists have conducted studies that show that frequent exposure to phthalates can be dangerous to human health. Their excess can accumulate in the body and negatively affect the hormonal balance, increase the risk of diseases such as asthma or allergy, and also affect fertility. Due to the potential harmful effect on health, there are regulations that limit the possibility of using phthalates in cosmetics or products for children.

The standard will limit the use of phthalates

Rosstandart approved the new GOST R ISO 8124-6-2021 standard entitled "Toy safety. Part 6. Determination of the content of certain phthalates in toys and children's products. "

The main purpose of introducing the new standard is to enable the determination of the content of phthalates in toys and children's products made of plastics, textiles, and also with the use of coatings and liquid substances.

The standard for phthalates will apply from 2022

On the basis of the adopted standard, clear guidelines will be created regarding the permissible content of phthalates in specific product groups. All restrictions will be clearly and precisely defined in the document. The new GOST standard for phthalates will enter into force on July 1, 2022.