New standards for windows and balcony doors in the Russian Federation

The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) has introduced new standards for window structures. They apply to the territory of the Russian Federation. These changes relate to the standards GOST 23166-2021 "Window and balcony translucent enclosing сonstructions. General specifications" and GOST 31462-2021 "Safety windows. General specifications".

Safety windows and balcony door blocks

The GOST 31462-2021 standard specifies general requirements for the production of safety window and balcony systems designed to protect against impacts and loads resulting from burglary attempts, as well as those caused by strong wind or snow. This standard applies to residential as well as public and industrial buildings.

Standard for window and balcony translucent enclosing сonstructions

The GOST 23166-2021 standard contains a new chapter for the safe operation and maintenance of windows. It specifies, among others, the requirements in the event of glass breakage, requirements for ensuring safety when washing windows, as well as ensuring the safety of children when operating windows.

New standards will ensure safety for children

According to statistics, each year several hundred children fall out of windows as a result of accidents. Such events result in injuries of varying severity and in some cases even death. The new standard includes extended requirements for child safety systems to prevent the window from being opened unintentionally. They describe not only childproof locks in various configurations, but also the use of special locking fittings and other types of locks, as well as various options for opening window sashes to prevent the possibility of children falling out of the windows.

The entity responsible for the development of the standard

The standards GOST R 23166-2021 and GOST 31462-2021 were developed by the working group under the leadership of the Center for Certification of Window and Door Technology under the specialized technical committee for standardization No. 465 "Construction". Both standards will enter into force on the territory of the Russian Federation in the fall this year. The Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Kyrgyz Republic plan to implement international standards developed in the Russian Federation, while the Republic of Belarus and Tajikistan are going to implement GOST 31462 standard.