New standard improving the performance of suppliance of parts for aircraft and other defense and civilian equipment

On October 6, 2021, the national standard GOST R 52745-2021 “Integrated quality control system. Conformity assessment of materials, semi-finished products and other products used in the production of airplanes and other equipment intended for civil, defense and dual-use purposes in the case of supplier companies. General requirements " was adopted.

 Scope of the new standard

The standard regulates the procedure for assessing the compliance of products with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation, as well as the requirements provided for and described in supply contracts. This includes quality control and acceptance of materials, semi-finished products and other products used by enterprises in the production of aviation and other equipment for civil and defense purposes.

What is the new standard based on?

The standard was developed by updating and merging the provisions of two pre-existing national standards:

  • GOST R 52745-2007 "Integrated quality control system. Quality control of materials and semi-finished products used in the production of aviation, space, defense and dual-use equipment. General requirements” and

  • GOST R 54501-2011 ”Integrated quality control system. Control of technological processes for the production of materials and semi-finished products by suppliers. General requirements".

While the previously applicable GOST R 52745-2007 standard covered only materials and semi-finished products, the new version also includes provisions for finished products, such as connectors, wiring and other products.

Compliance with international standards

It is worth emphasizing that the provisions of the standard are related to the provisions of the international standards ISO 9000 and ISO 19011 and the standards GOST R 58175-2018 “Aircraft Equipment. Aircraft Program Suppliers Management. General Requirements”.

The developed document actually gives new life to the application of the series of standards "Integrated Quality Control System" in the national standardization system. Previously, these standards were used in civil, defense and dual-use products since the 1970s. They have collected the best practices and proven quality control methods. The new series standards take advantage of this valuable experience.

Entities working on the document

The standard was developed by JSC RT-Techpriemka, the direct management organization of the Rostec State Corporation, under the activities of the Technical Committee for Standardization No. 323 "Aviation Technology". It entered into force on November 1, 2021.