Indoor air quality standards

On September 6, 2021, on the basis of the decision of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, the GOST R ISO 16000-40-2021 standard "Air in closed rooms. Part 40. Indoor air quality management system” entered into force. The adoption of this standard completes the process of adopting a whole series of national standards in the field of indoor air quality, harmonized with the current international standards of the ISO 16000 series.

Air quality deterioration

Growing production, increasing traffic volume, increasing energy consumption, as well as a large amount of bacteria and viruses both in the industrial and domestic sphere lead to deterioration of the quality of atmospheric air, as well as indoor air. This situation makes it necessary to tighten the requirements for air quality and measurement methods.

The Russian Federation is implementing a clean air policy

Providing clean air is one of the main directions of the environmental policy of the Russian Federation. The necessity to implement such activities results from the deteriorating condition of the environment and the impact of production activities on the health of the society. This requires standardization of measurement methods, air sampling, especially air in closed rooms, including residential buildings, public utility buildings, offices and commercial premises.

GOST R ISO 16000 series

As of today, national standards in the field of air quality, harmonized with the international standards of the ISO 16000 series, include 36 standards developed in the years 2007-2021. The standards included in the GOST R ISO 16000 series establish requirements for measuring the content of pollutants in the air in confined spaces.

This is to provide a comprehensive solution to a number of tasks, such as planning the monitoring of air pollutant concentration measurements, sampling rules, methods for measuring the content of specific substances, establishing a uniform system of requirements for measuring devices or methods of presenting air quality data.

GOST R ISO 16000-40-2021

An extremely important role in this series is played by the GOST R ISO 16000-40-2021 standard, which contains the basic regulations and a summary of the principles of organizing an air quality management system in closed rooms. The new standard enables plant managers to implement maintenance protocols and processes to improve indoor air quality. Indoor air quality control can bring significant benefits to society, improve health and comfort, increase work efficiency and minimize employee absenteeism in production facilities, as well as minimize hospital infections, which is especially important during a pandemic.