GOST standard for toothbrushes under public discussion

Currently, there is a public debate on the draft interstate standard "Toothbrushes. General technical conditions", which in the future is to replace the current provisions of GOST 6388-2003 "Toothbrushes. General technical conditions".

What is the toothbrush registration procedure?

All toothbrushes undergo the state registration procedure by the consumer protection authority - Rospotrebnadzor. The form of conformity assessment depends on the age of the user for whom the toothbrush is intended. In the case of children's products, a declaration must be made in accordance with the procedure described in the technical regulations. Brushes for adults can be declared based on the national standards of GOST R.

Classification of oral hygiene products

The legal classification of oral care products is straightforward and does not have many categories. The current documents distinguish two categories: hygienic prophylaxis and special-purpose toothbrushes. Another classification criterion determines the degree of elasticity of the bristles - on a five-point scale, from very soft to very hard. Another difference is that the bristles can be made of natural or artificial material, which is also an important factor in toothbrush certification.

The new GOST standard will improve the quality of products

The development of the new document was undertaken by the Technical Committee for Standardization, together with representatives of the Association of Children Industry Enterprises.

This GOST project includes new requirements for product quality, labeling, packaging, storage and transport, and control methods. It is worth noting that the updated GOST standard will also take into account the requirements of the technical regulation "On the safety of products for children and adolescents" (TR TS 007/2011) in the field of toothbrushes for these age groups.