Discussion about changes in the law of alcoholic beverages began

On December 21, 2020, on the Federal Portal for Regulatory Legal Acts, the project of the Eurasian Economic Commission Council on amendments to the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union "On the safety of alcoholic beverages" was published. It will now be subject to public discussion, as well as the necessary anti-corruption expertise.

The main purpose of the proposed changes is to eliminate inaccuracies in the provisions of the regulations and problematic requirements. Below we present some of the changes proposed in the project: 

  • the category of alcoholic beverages is to be indicated in the new edition. Earlier, there were many inaccuracies - for example, according to the current regulations, rum cannot be sweetened, even though it is a solution commonly used all over the world
  • the wording "complete purification" used so far with the terms "vodka", "special vodka" (vodka produced with highly refined spirit, water and sugar, with an alcohol concentration of 45%)” and "vodka with a protected designation of origin" is to be removed, because the complete purification of any vodka from contamination is impossible
  • in the context of water used for the production of alcohol, the criteria of "softness" and the term "specially prepared water" for the production of "special vodka" were excluded, because the name does not describe the properties of the water and should only be used to characterize the water used for the production of alcoholic beverages with the protected designation of origin
  • the introduction of new categories of fruit alcoholic products, including table vodkas, fortified drinks, sparkling drinks, etc.
  • establishing that in the name of alcoholic beverages obtained by fermentation other than the fermentation of grapes, the word "wine" and words derived from that word cannot be used on the label
  • implementation of the principle that information on the place of provenance and the year of the grape must appear in font size at least 14
  • supplementing the regulations with a new chapter XII "Restrictions in the production, sale and urnover of alcoholic beveragesTime to discuss the proposed changes

Time to discuss the proposed changes

According to the plans, the discussion and conducting anti-corruption expert review will take 20 days. Please note that EAEU TR 047/2018 for alcoholic beverages will enter into force one year later than originally foreseen. The reason for this is the need for changes and the difficulties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.