Consultation on veterinary certification for animal fertilizers

Until 11 December 2020, the subject of the draft amendments to the forms of unified veterinary certificates for goods imported into the territory of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union is under public discussion. Forms of veterinary certificates were approved by the decision of the Customs Union Commission No.607 of April 7, 2011.

New form No. 48

One of the consulted changes is the proposal to add a new form number 48 to the existing forms for fertilizers of animal origin or containing ingredients of animal origin. It consists of the four points listed below, along with specific sub-points:

  • description of the delivered product
  • product traceability
  • origin of the goods
  • raw material suitability certificate

The proposed form is available to the public, incl. on the website

Changes to the form regarding non-food animal raw materials

Moreover, changes have been proposed to the already existing form No. 45, which is used for non-food raw materials of animal origin intended for the production of feed for non-productive domestic and fur animals.

The change consists of adding new types of resources from:

  • fish
  • crustaceans
  • molluscs
  • other so-called aquatic animals

All the raw materials listed above must be checked for the presence of parasites, forbidden dyes, ionizing radiation and ultraviolet rays. Moreover, the raw materials must not contain biotoxins that endanger animal health and other substances of this kind.

Period of validity of veterinary certificates before the changes are made

Please note that the forms of veterinary certificates that will be issued before the amendments come into force can only be used until January 1, 2022.