Conference on technological standards for pipe manufacturers

On September 21, 2021, a scientific conference was held in Chelyabinsk, the topic of which was the directions of development of the pipe industry in order to create a new technological structure for this industry. The conference was organized this year, because it is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the leading Russian scientific center of the pipe industry - JSC RusNITI and the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Pipe Metallurgy Plant. 

Discussion on the pipe normalization procedure

Much time in the discussions during the conference was devoted to the issue of tube standardization. For almost 30 years, RusNITI has been responsible for maintaining the secretariat of the Technical Committee for Standardization No. 357 "Steel and Cast Iron Tubes and Cylinders". Since then, more than 100 standardization documents, most of which are international standards, have been updated.

Pipe manufacturers are pioneers in standardization

During the conference, it was noted that the tube manufacturing industry plays an innovative role as it develops standards on the initiative and at the expense of the companies concerned. Thus, it becomes an example for many other industries. In the 1990s, pipe companies began to implement the requirements of international standards for products, as well as production management systems. Large and constantly growing export capacities forced the producers to familiarize themselves with the standards of international regulatory and technical documents and to ensure their implementation.

Working visit to state-owned production plants

In addition to the conference, as part of the working visit to Chelyabinsk, the head of the department also visited the state-owned production plant "Chelyabinsk FMC" together with the delegate of the head of Rosstandart in the Ural Federal District, Yuri Sukhanov. The director of this plant, Olga Matantseva, demonstrated the standards implemented in the plant to the management of Rosstandart and started talks about the directions of development of the regional center.