Clarifications on the exchange of documents confirming the compliance of perfumes and cosmetics

On January 22, 2022, the Decision of the Management Board of the Eurasian Economic Union comes into force, with an explanation in the Procedure for Amendments to the Technical Regulations of the Union "On the safety of perfumery and cosmetic products".

Key date

The most important change concerns the supplement to Decision No. 112 of July 9, 2019. The purpose of adding this new paragraph is to indicate the validity date of the documents relating to the state registration of perfumery and cosmetic products that are subject to the changes introduced in March 2019. This applies to documents issued before May 5, 2020. According to the published decision, their validity expires on May 5, 2023.

Which cases will be covered by the new deadline?

This date is valid in relation to the cases specified in paragraph 25 described in "Rules for issuing the certificate of state registration of products''. This document, adopted by the decision of the EAEU Council of 30 June 2017, covers the exchange of the state registration certificate without repeated or additional tests and measurements. In turn, this paragraph refers to paragraph 166 of the EAEU Council Decision No. 44 of April 18, 2018 "On Standard Conformity Assessment Schemes''.

Such cases include:

  • identification of typographical errors in the certificate of state registration or its attachments
  • change of the manufacturer's location or legal form
  • change of the applicant as well as change of the residence of a business entity

New decision - new requirements

The discussed decision of the EAEU Council introduces many new requirements and clarifications. It entered into force for perfumery and cosmetic products on May 6, 2020. The document contains provisions on conformity assessment and labeling requirements, as well as new editions of applications.