Technical Regulation Certificate

TR_certificateTechnical Regulations Certificate is issued for the product which conforms with Russian Technical Regulations.

Technical Regulations is a document  which establishes mandatory rules for implementation and enforcement of requirements to the objects of technical regulation
Widely used Technical Regulations from the exporter point of view:

  • Technical Regulations on the Safety of machinery and equipment, approved by RF Government Decree of 15 September 2009 N 753. (Not applicable. Please, refer to Customs Union Technical Regulations)
  • Technical Regulations on safety of lifts approved by RF Government Decree of 2 .10. 2009 N 782. (Not applicable. Please, refer to Customs Union Technical Regulations)
  • Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements, the Federal Law № 123-FZ of 22 July 2008.

All Technical Regulations are based on the Russian Gost Standards, it means that from manufacturer point of view no great changes should be made for their product to fit into new requirements.


The most important changes in the certification procedures:

  • Different valid period - up to 5 years depend on the Technical Regulations
  • Tests should be made for all types of product (in case of Serial Production)

Important: As now Russia is in Customs Union with Belarus and Kazakhstan, the new Technical Regulations will be implemented in nearest future. (Customs Union Technical Regulations)