The Governmental Registration of products, substances, materials, preparations is carried out according to the governmental order of the Russian Federation from 30.06.2004 n 322 «About the Position statement about Federal service on supervision in sphere of protection of the rights of consumers and well-being of the person», with a view of realisation of the governmental order of the Russian Federation from 21.12.2000 n 988 «About the state registration of new foodstuff, materials and products», the governmental orders of the Russian Federation from 04.04.2001 n 262 «About the state registration of separate kinds of production representing potential danger to the person, and also the separate kinds of production being imported on territory of the Russian Federation for the first time ».

Examples of the products subject to the ROSPOTREBNADZOR Registration:

  • drinking water;
  • food for children;
  • children's cosmetics;
  • the cosmetics specially developed for professional use;
  • food additives (acids food organic and their derivatives, acidity regulators, antioxidants, dyes, taste amplifiers, and a smell, a baking powder, stabilizers, thickeners);
  • dietary products.