Exemption Letters.

Two kind of Exemption Letters in GOST R system in Russia:

    1. Exemption Letter for customs (VNIIS Exemption Letter) - the document given for production which is not the subject to obligatory certification in Russia's GOST R system . The invoice or the contract for the shipment should be specified in that kind of Exemption Letter. The VNIIS Exemption Letter is required for solving the divergence between custom officials and carrier of the cargo. (Whether the cargo is a subject of the obligatory certification or not) . It is important to notice, that customs bodies accept Exemption Letters given out only by the Russia Scientific Research Institute of Certification (VNIIS)


  1. SES Exemption Letter (ROSPOTREBNADZOR Exemption Letter) - the document in which it is underlined, that production is not subject to Sanitary-Epidemiological examination, and accordingly the Sanitary-Epidemiological conclusion is not needed. ROSPOTREBNADZOR Exemption letter is required to clarify, that the production is not a subject to Sanitary-Epidemiologic examination.

Validity period for the Exemption Letters is one year.