Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity- is a kind of permit, in which the applicant (manufacturer, transporter or seller) certifies that the declared products (which they deliver, transport or sell) complies with safety requirements.

From 15 of the February Declaration of Conformity should be issued instead of GOST-R Certificate of Conformity for the certain group of products (water, sugar, salt, bakery , vegetables and canned fish, food concentrates, flavors et.c.). The declaration must be registered by accredited certification bodies. Declaration is recorded for a period which is determined by the product manufacturer (or supplier).

For proper registration of conformity declaration the applicant should provide the GOST-R Certificate or test results which were made in accredited laboratory in Russia. From the customer point of view the consummation of the Declaration of Conformity instead of the Certificate of Conformity doesn’t simplify the process of certification.
The list of the products – subjects to the Declaration of Conformity and Certificate of Conformity in Russian.