Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On safety of low-voltage equipment”. Certificates.

List of low-voltage equipment subject to conformity assurance by certification in accordance with Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On safety of low-voltage equipment” (CU TR 004/2011)

  1. Electrical appliances and instruments for domestic use: for cooking and food storage and mechanical kitchen
    • for treatment (washing, ironing, drying, cleaning) of linen, clothing and footwear;
    • for indoor cleaning;
    • household microclimate devices;
    • sanitary and hygienic;
    • for skin, nail and hair care; for body heating;
    • vibrotherapeutical;
    • game, sports and fitness equipment;
    • audio and video equipment, TV and radio receivers;
    • sewing and knitting;
    • power supplies, battery chargers, voltage regulators;
    • for gardening;
    • for aquaria and garden ponds;
    • electric pumps;
    • lighting equipment and light sources;
    • wiring accessories;
    • extension cords.
  2. Personal electronic computers (PCs).
  3. Low-voltage equipment connected to the personal electronic computers.
  4. Electric tools (electric hand-held and portable machines).
  5. Electric musical instruments.
  6. Cables, wires and cords.
  7. Automatic switches, safety circuit breakers.
  8. Apparatus for distribution of electric energy.
  9. Electrical apparatus for controlling electrotechnical installations.