Main points of the New Technical Regulations on Machines

This technical regulation establishes minimum requirements for safety of machinery and equipment in the design, production, installation, commissioning, operation, storage, transportation, sale and disposal in order to protect the life or health, property of individuals or legal entities, state or municipal property, protection environment, life and health of animals and plants.


    1. This technical regulation does not apply to the following types of machinery and equipment:
    2. machinery and equipment related to ensuring the integrity and stability of the functioning of a unified network of the Russian Federation and the radio frequency spectrum;
    3. machinery and equipment used for medical purposes and used in direct contact with the patient (X-ray, diagnostic, therapeutic, orthopedic, dental, surgical equipment);
    4. machinery and equipment, specially designed for use in the field of atomic energy. On machinery and equipment General purpose, used in the field of atomic energy, the effect of these technical regulations apply to the extent not contrary to the requirements for ensuring nuclear and radiation safety;
    5. motor vehicles;
    6. the sea and river transport vehicles (ships and craft, drilling platforms) and used them on machines and equipment;
    7. aircraft and spacecraft;
    8. railway rolling stock and facilities specially designed for use in railway transport;
    9. amusement;
    10. weapons and military equipment.
  • Exported and used machines and (or) the equipment is not subject to mandatory conformity.
  • Mandatory confirmation of conformity of machinery and (or) the equipment complies with these technical regulations implemented in the form of Declaration of Conformity or Mandatory Certification.
  • The applicant shall declare compliance on the basis of their own evidence, and (or) evidence obtained with the participation of third parties (certification bodies, accredited testing laboratories (centers)).
  • Validity of the Declaration of Conformity - 5 years.
  • Validity of the Certificate of Conformity – 5 years.
  • Certificate of Conformity could be with annex containing a list of specific types of modifications, versions of brands and models of machines and (or) equipment to which it applies.
  • Certificate of Conformity or Declaration of Conformity is the only document that confirms compliance with machines and (or) the equipment complies with these technical regulations.
  • Machine and (or) equipment for which compliance is confirmed should be marked by the applicant (manufacturer, seller or person executing functions of the foreign manufacturer) with a "Market Access Sign"
  • Inspection control of certified machines and (or) equipment is carried out by the certification body during the valid period of the certificate in the form of periodic and unscheduled inspections, including routine tests of samples of machines and (or) equipment, control of certified quality system or analysis of production, if it is stipulated by the certification scheme.
  • According to the results of the inspection control certification body decides whether the machines and (or) the equipment complies with these technical regulations.