Fire Safety Certificate marks for construction materials

According to the Russian Technical Regulations on Fire Safety construction materials are tested for the following characteristics: ignitability, flammability, smoke-forming ability, the toxicity of combustion products, flame spread over the surface for flooring materials. All these characteristics are included in the Fire Safety Certificate. 

Possible characteristics to be mentioned in Russian Fire Certificate:

  • Ignitability: НГ, Г1, Г2, Г3, Г4 – from non-igniting (НГ) to highly igniting
  • Flammability В1, В2 В3 – from retardant to highly flammable
  • Smoke forming ability Д1 Д3 –  from small to high smoke-forming ability
  • Toxicity of products Т1 Т2 Т3 Т4 from low risk to extremely dangerous products
  • Flame spread over the surface for flooring materials – РП1 РП2 РП4 – from non-spreading materials to highly spreading.

Construction materials certified according to Fire Safety Technical Regulations should be in compliance with following GOST Standards:

  • GOST 30244-94  Building materials. Methods for combustibility test
  • GOST 30402-96 Building materials. Ignitability test method
  • GOST R 51032-97 Building materials spread flame test method
  • GOST 12.1.044-89  Occupational safety standards system. Fire and explosion hazard of substances and materials. Nomenclature of indices and methods of their determination
  • GOST R 51690-2000 Passenger cars of 1520 mm gauge mainline railways track. General specifications
  • GOST 25779-90 Toys. General safety requirements and control methods
  • GOST 28157-89 Tests for flammability of plastic materials
  • GOST 25076-81 Nonmetallic materials for interior trim of motor vehicles. Method of flammability determination
  • GOST R 52272-2004 Textile materials. Floor carpet coverings. Flammability. Method of determination and classification

All standards could be downloaded from official site. Regarding the explanation of the standards or applying for the Fire Safety Certificate please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..