Customs Union Technical Regulations on safety of equipment used in explosive environments.

Countries covered – Customs Union: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Effective date – 15th February 2013

Transition period – until 15th March 2015 (old Ex certificates will be valid until this date)

This Technical Regulation of the Customs Union applies to technical devices used in the potentially hazardous explosive areas.

Products not covered in the Technical Regulations on EMC of technical devices:

  • Medical devices;
  • Equipment, during the operation of which there is only a risk of explosion due to the presence of explosive and unstable chemical compounds;
  • Equipment for residential and non-industrial use in an environment where an explosive atmosphere is formed as a result of unexpected leak of flammable gas;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Sea vessels, mobile platforms and drilling rigs for use in marine and inland waters, other floating facilities;
  • Transport vehicles for the transport of passengers and goods by air, land, rail and water transport;
  • Nuclear weapons, nuclear research facilities and nuclear defense complex equipment, except the equipment located in hazardous areas.

Conformity assurance.

Conformity assurance is made by the means of certification by an accredited certification body included in the Unified Register of certification bodies and testing laboratories (centers) of the Customs Union. The holder of the certificate must be company situated on the territory of Customs Union. Valid period of the certificate of conformity is up to 5 years.

Special Ex mark should be applied after the certification is complete.

EX for CU TR