Copies of the  Certificates

When you get the certificate, it's normal practice to ask for additional copies (you will need them for the customs clerance, for any governmental organisation  and for the customers). The rules for the certified copies for the Hygienic Certificate and Certificate of Conformity way too different:

Copy of the Hygienic Certification - there are no rules, and no laws - any notary officer in Russian Federation  could  notarize  the copy, there even might be the possibility that  holder of the certificate could notarize the copy.

Copy of the Certificate of Conformity:
1. for customs clearance - the copy which affirmed by the notary officer in the country of certificate holder should be enough, however they might ask for the original to assure that copy is right;
2. for any other use (for retailers, customers any kind of inspections in Russia) the copy could be assured by the holder of the certificate, by the notary officer in Russia or by the Russian consulate in the country of certificate holder.
3. the copy could be assured by certification body which issued the certificate.