Building materials certification.

Construction and building products in Russia will be subject of Hygienic certification, Fire certification (Technical Regulations for fire safety)  and certification according the GOST Standards.

Construction materials:

  • Doors
  • Surface finishing
    • Plaster & gypsum board
    • Cement render
    • Ceramic tile, quarry tile, pavers, mosaic
    • Ceiling
    • Carpet
    • Wall covering, wallpaper
    • Paint, wood stain, faux finishing
  • Windows
  • Waterproof materials (membranes).

In a frame of hygienic rules two types of documents could be issued: obligatory State Registration Certificate (for paint and similar products) and voluntary Expert Conclusion for all other products.

Fire Safety Certificate is mandatory for many construction materials and will confirm the characteristics of material such as toxicity of smoke, spreading of fire, combustibility, flammability.