Updated standard specifying the procedure for carrying out research work

At the request of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, the national standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 15.101–2021 "System for the development and marketing of products. The order of carrying out research works " has been updated.

The scope of the GOST R 15.101–2021 standard

The standard specifies general requirements for the organization of research works, functions of key participants in research works, the procedure for their interaction, requirements for the implementation and approval procedure of individual stages of research and research works as a whole, procedures necessary for the development, coordination and approval of organizational and implementation documents. research work, as well as the method of implementing and using the results of the research work carried out.

GOST 15.101-98

It is worth mentioning that in the interstate standardization system, the standard GOST 15.101-98 “Product development and introduction system. Procedure for carrying out research works " is usually used as a requirement from clients when carrying out research work.

Updated standards and legal regulations

The need to develop a new edition of the GOST R 15.101 standard arose taking into account the experience of leading research centers in the implementation of research accumulated over many years of work. The purpose of the update is to harmonize the standard with the provisions of the federal law "On the system of contracts for the purchase of goods, construction works and services to meet state and municipal needs" of April 5, 2013 No. 44-FZ and the federal law "On procurement of goods, works, services by certain types of legal persons ”of 18 July 2011 No. 223-FZ.

Due to the existing differences in the legal regulations of the countries participating in the interstate standardization system, it was decided to develop a new version of the document as a national standard in force in the territory of the Russian Federation. After its introduction, the provisions of GOST 15.101-98 will no longer be valid in the territory of this state.

New provisions of the GOST R 15.101–2021 standard

The new standard:

  • sets out the main rules for research and development
  • determines the mode of implementation and acceptance of individual stages of research and development in accordance with the requirements of technical specifications, as well as the procedure for accepting the stages of research and development and research as a whole
  • specifies the list of documents necessary to develop during the organization and implementation of research work
  • contains templates of document forms used in the course of research and development

Entities working on updating the standard

The National Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, the National Roscosmos Corporation, the Kurchatov Institute Research Center, the Krylov State Research Center, the State Science Center and many other organizations participated in the discussion on the key provisions of the new standard.

The GOST R 15.101-2021 standard was developed by the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Russian Standardization Institute under the activities of the Technical Committee for Standardization No. 482" Product Life Cycle Support "and comes into force on November 1, 2021.