The technical regulations for natural gas has entered into force

On January 1, 2022, the new technical regulations TR EAEU 046/2018 "On the safety of natural gas prepared for transport and/or use" entered into force on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union countries.

What will be specified in the document?

The adopted technical regulations, like other such documents, specifies a number of requirements: from the conditions of placing on the market, through the requirements for documents confirming compliance with the requirements, to issues related to its transport and sale. Safety standards, issues related to the quality of extracted gas and transmission are specified in detail.

What types of natural gas does the new law apply to?

The requirements of this particular regulation apply to the following types of natural gas:

  • natural gas prepared for transport through the main gas pipelines
  • natural gas for industrial and domestic purposes
  • natural compressed gas
  • flammable liquefied natural gas ready for use

Natural gas compliance assessment

The technical regulation for natural gas discussed in the article provides for the conformity assessment of products in the form of submitting a declaration of conformity. It should be remembered that for each batch of gas it is also obligatory to attach a product quality certificate. It should be remembered that both of these requirements are necessary in order to meet the requirements of the conformity assessment process.

Transitional period

Importantly, the changes do not take effect immediately. In order to smooth the transition to the new requirements of the technical regulations and make it easier for both entrepreneurs and consumers, a transitional period has been foreseen. In accordance with the adopted schedule, previously issued gas documents are valid until July 1, 2023.