The standard for the construction of child-safe windows has entered into force

From November 1, 2021, a state standard that specifies the requirements for the construction of windows and balconies that are safe for children is in force on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Scope of the regulations

The standard GOST 23166-2021 discussed in this article "Transparent structures of windows and balcony doors. General specifications” specifies in detail all the extended requirements for the production of this type of window. Its main goal is to ensure the safety of the youngest, and thus eliminate frequently occurring accidents related to the falling of children. The provisions of the standard apply to both manufacturers of balcony doors and window structures, as well as developers.

Safety requirements for windows and balcony doors

The requirements described in the document include, among others, such matters as the installation of locks that prevent a child from opening the window or the use of special fittings with locks to prevent accidental opening of the windows. In addition, the new GOST standard specifies standards for the legally permitted height of window sills and the area of ​​non-opening windows. These are legal regulations that increase the safety of use of windows and balcony doors by children.

Marking the mosquito net

The document also introduces the necessity of mandatory marking of the window mosquito net with a special sign warning that it is not a structure protecting against falling out. This provision is a response to accidents and situations in which adults were convinced of the protective properties of mosquito nets.