The project of legal changes concerning pressure equipment is ready

On April 30, 2021, a public discussion began on the draft amendment to the technical regulation CU TR 032/2013 "On safety of pressure equipment". The debate will last until July 30, 2021. It is planned that after the adoption of the changes and official publication in the new edition of TR CU 032/2013, it will enter into force after 6 months.

Forms, schemes and conformity assessment procedures

The draft describes in detail the proposed changes related to establishing new forms, schemes and conformity assessment procedures based on standard conformity assessment schemes, approved by the decision of the EAEU Council No. 44 of April 18, 2018. In addition, the provisions of the regulation have been revised in terms of compliance with the requirements of the Protocol on technical regulations in the Eurasian Economic Union.

Two conformity assessment schemes to apply

An important change, supplementing the provisions of the regulations, is the inclusion of two conformity assessment schemes for devices:

  • declaration scheme 7d - for a batch of equipment based on a product type study
  • certification scheme 9c - for individual products intended to equip enterprises in the EAEU countries

Other conformity assessment schemes included in the technical regulations remain unchanged.

Certification of pressure equipment in accordance with diagram 7d

Scheme 7d is introduced in addition to the previously established scheme 5d. Contrary to the 5d scheme, which is used for serial production, the 7d scheme can be dedicated to a specific batch or even a single product, including made-to-order.

The declaration according to the scheme 7d is carried out on the basis of the submitted own materials of the applicant (if any) and materials obtained by the participation of the certification body. If necessary, materials from an accredited research laboratory may also be used.

Certification of pressure equipment in accordance with diagram 9c

The 9c certification scheme is applied to individual products intended for equipping enterprises within the EAEU. The requirements for the applicant are the same as for scheme 7d, i.e. they can be a producer, a person authorized by the producer, seller or importer. Certification is carried out on the basis of an analysis of the technical documentation.

Equipment type testing

It should be emphasized that it is also planned to include a new section "Equipment type testing" in the regulations. There are no detailed requirements for such testing in the current edition.

Testing the type of equipment is a thorough analysis of the parameters and characteristics of this type of equipment, representative of the planned production of this type of products, in terms of compliance with the specified safety requirements. Only the manufacturer or a person authorized by him may apply for such tests. They are carried out by a certification body with the participation of an accredited laboratory in one of the two ways described below:

1. Testing and measuring a sample of the planned production equipment as typical for all future products.

2. Analysis of technical documentation, examination of a sample of equipment or its key elements.

Replacing the declaration with a certification process

When creating the document, the legislators considered the possibility of replacing the declaration with a certification. This applies to items of equipment, with the exception of those manufactured using permanent structures at the site of use. The declaration may also be replaced with a certification in case of the lack or insufficiency of the manufacturer's own materials regarding compliance with the requirements of technical regulations and regulations.