The obligation to label photographic equipment in Russia has entered into force

The obligation to label photographic equipment in Russia has entered into force

The Federal Customs Service of Russia reminds that from October 1, the Russian Federation introduces mandatory marking of cameras, traditional flash lamps and xenon flash lamps (resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 31, 2019. This obligation was introduced to protect the market against the influx of low-quality goods of this type. In recent years, the public has repeatedly learned about goods of unknown origin that were placed on the market and did not meet certain technical requirements. Currently, the consumer buying a product with the Data Matrix code can be assured that the equipment has been legally imported or manufactured.

When should a product be labeled?

Marking of photographic equipment is possible both before importing goods to Russia and placing them under customs procedures necessary for domestic trade or re-importation, and already on the territory of the Russian Federation, when the goods are under a customs procedure in customs warehouses. Information on identification codes should be provided in the declaration of goods in column 31 under number 13 (subpoint 29 (15) of the Procedure for completing the goods declaration, approved by the Decision of the Customs Union Commission of 20.05.2010 No. 257). Failure to indicate the necessary information in this column will be the basis for refusal to register the declaration by the customs authorities, which is why it is so important to fill in the declaration correctly.

Data Matrix code required

Therefore, following the introduction of these changes, trade of the previously mentioned goods without the two-dimensional Data Matrix barcode (except for certain cases specified by law) in the territory of the Russian Federation becomes prohibited. The code must be placed on the packaging or a label attached to the equipment. It should not be forgotten that film cameras do not fall within the scope of this provision.

Transitional period

The transitional period for adapting to these changes expires on December 1, 2020, which means that every entrepreneur importing photographic goods as part of his business activity or producing them before October 1, 2020, must mark them by then.