The new lists of standards for the technical regulations for gas-fired appliances are already in force

Since January 12, 2022, by the decision of the Management Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission on July 13, 2021, new lists of standards necessary to meet the requirements of the technical regulation TR TS 016/2011 "On the safety of devices operating on gas fuel." has been in force.

Technical regulations TR TS 016/2011

The requirements of the technical regulations TR CU 016/2011 apply to devices using gas, listed in Annex 1 to the Regulations. It includes, inter alia:

  • Gas appliances for cooking, heating and hot water supply
  • Automatic burners and gas appliances with modular automatic burners for cooking, heating and hot water supply
  • Appliances to be incorporated into gas appliances and operated independently of those listed above, including control, regulation and safety devices

Certification of gas powered appliances

We would like to remind you that the certification of gas-powered devices in accordance with the provisions of the technical regulations is carried out according to the schemes 1c (for series-produced products), 3c (for a batch of products) and 4c (for a single item). However, the declaration of conformity for these devices is carried out according to the schemes 1d, 3d (for serial products) and 2d, 4d (for a batch of products, a single item).

Changes introduced in connection with the new lists of standards

In accordance with the adopted amendments, paragraph 2 adopted by the decision of the Customs Union Commission No. 875 of December 9, 2011, which adopted the "old" GOST nomenclature for the regulation, was deemed invalid. The new version of the list of safety requirements includes 125 standards (there were 96) and 111 test methods (there were 94). Note that the structure of this list has not changed. Still, for convenience, the nomenclatures are divided into sections and groups in them by type of equipment.

Validity dates of the standards

It is worth noting that under the new amendments, some standards have expiry dates. For example, this applies to the standard GOST 20219-74 "Gas heating appliances for domestic use with a water circuit. Specifications ". By law, it can only be used until December 1, 2022, its replacement, GOST 20219-93, immediately entered into force.

In the case of other standards, the date of application is determined individually. For example, the provisions of the standard GOST EN 625-2013 "Gas boilers for central heating. Additional requirements for the hot water circulation of combined boilers with a rated heat output of not more than 70 kW ” will be applicable from April 1, 2022.