The Ministry of Industry and Trade is considering the introduction of digital labeling for radio electronics

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation announced that it is considering the possibility of introducing a procedure for digital labeling of products classified as radio electronics.

Digitization of product labelling in Russia

The roll-out of the digital labeling system in Russia began as early as 2016, with completion scheduled for 2024. The unique digital code placed on the products during labeling allows each buyer to make sure that they are dealing with legally produced high-quality goods. This system also allows tracing the entire route of the goods - from the manufacturer or importer to the end customer, and thus significantly minimizes the risk that the purchased product has been replaced with a counterfeit product at any stage of production or delivery for sale.

Fight against counterfeit radio electronics

The department in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which coordinates this issue, hopes that the labeling will help identify those products that are illegally placed on the Russian market, including those that are not subject to mandatory assessment for compliance with quality and safety requirements adopted in the Eurasian Union Economic.

The list of products is still being discussed

The list of some types of radio-electronic products on which the experiment will be launched is still being agreed with federal authorities and business representatives. After proper consultations, it will be presented to the public by the Ministry.