Customs Union technical regulations for 2012-2013.

List of technical regulations which will be developed in the nearest future:

  1. On informing of consumers regarding the energy efficiency of electrical devices. IV quarter of 2012
  2. On the safety equipment operating under pressure. IV quarter of 2012
  3. Safety of chemical products. IV quarter of 2012
  4. Safety of alcoholic beverages. IV quarter of 2012
  5. Technical Regulations on tobacco products. IV quarter of 2012
  6. About Safety of amusement rides. I quarter of 2013
  7. Safety of buildings, building materials and products. I quarter of 2013
  8. On the requirements of fire safety. I quarter of 2013
  9. On the safety of synthetic detergents and household chemicals. I quarter of 2013
  10. On the safety of paints. I quarter of 2013
  11. Fertilizer requirements. I quarter of 2013
  12. Safety of meat and meat products. I quarter of 2013
  13. Technical regulations on milk and dairy products. I quarter of 2013
  14. Safety of fish and fishery products. I quarter of 2013
  15. On safety of feed and feed additives I quarter of 2013
  16. On the requirements for measuring equipment for water, gas, heat, electricity. II quarter of 2013
  17. Requirements to measuring devices of oil and its derivatives. II quarter of 2013
  18. On safety  of materials in contact with food. III quarter of 2013
  19. Requirements for the energy efficiency of electrical energy consuming devices. III quarter of 2013
  20. The safety equipment for children's playgrounds. III quarter of 2013 
  21. On the restriction of use of hazardous substances in products radioelectronics IV quarter of 2013 
  22. On the safety of rolling stock subway. IV quarter of 2013
  23. On the safety of light rail, tram. IV quarter of 2013
  24. On safety of medical products.
  25. On the safety of poultry meat and products of its processing. IV quarter of 2013
  26. On the safety of bottled drinking water. IV quarter of 2013
  27. On the requirements for water treatment  systems. IV quarter of 2013
  28. Requirements for coals and their products. IV quarter of 2013
  29. Requirements for liquefied petroleum gas used as fuel. IV quarter of 2013