Safety regulations for metro rolling stock

On October 14, 2021, the board of the Eurasian Economic Union published a draft technical regulation "On the safety of metro rolling stock". This document was sent for consideration by the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Project structure

The structure of the draft regulations does not differ from the standard structure of the EAEU technical regulations. The project discussed in this article consists of such sections as scope, basic concepts, identification rules, rules for trading on the EAEU market, safety requirements, conformity assessment and labeling.

List of objects subject to the regulations

Annex 1 to the technical regulations contains a list of technical regulation objects subject to the requirements of the regulation. Two general groups of objects include:

1. Subway rolling stock.

2. Elements of the metro rolling stock.

Mandatory certification of rolling stock and parts

On the other hand, Annex 2 contains a list of rolling stock objects and their elements that are subject to mandatory certification in accordance with the requirements of the regulations in question. These are:

  • metro rolling stock and its cars
  • brake blocks and discs
  • air distributors
  • gear wheels of the reducer
  • static converters
  • automatic high-speed switches
  • spring suspension springs
  • traction motors
  • train radio communication devices etc. (21 items in total).

Mandatory declaration of conformity

The following are subject to mandatory declaration of conformity, in accordance with the provisions contained in Annex 2:

  • rolling stock wipers (schemes 1d and 2d)

  • driver's seat, hydraulic dampers, electro pneumatic contactors, power circuit fuses, air reservoirs, brake cylinders etc. (14 items in total) according to diagrams 3d, 4d, 5d and 6d

Annex 3 contains a list of individual provisions of the regulations, which apply in the case of confirming the compliance of elements of the metro rolling stock (35 items with the names of the elements and the corresponding clauses or subsections of the regulations).