Russia will launch a grain traceability system

According to the published information, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation plans to launch a national traceability system for grain and its products next year.

How will the system work?

This grain traceability system will contain all the necessary data on the entities involved in the production, storage, processing of grain, as well as its sale - whether on the domestic market or as part of export.

It is worth noting that this data will be entered into the system by the producers themselves. From September 1, 2022, they will be required to prepare shipping documents via this system. Only after this requirement is met, the sale of products in the territory of the Russian Federation or export sale will be possible

What data will be included in the shipping document?

The transport document created by the producer will contain information about a batch of grain or a batch of grain processing products, information about sales, information about transport, receipt or shipment of a batch of cereals or grain processing products.

The system will help ensure food safety

What is the purpose of creating such a system? The main goal is to ensure the safety and high quality of the grain and its products sold. In the event of a breach of security standards, it will be possible to identify a specific batch and withdraw it from the market.

Food safety and traceability of raw materials intended for its production is one of the pillars of state security. This automated system allows you to supervise this branch of the economy without large amounts of work. The acquired data will be easily accessible and structured.