Russia: new forms of certificates of conformity and declaration of conformity from June 21, 2021

From June 21, 2021, new forms of certificates of conformity and declaration of conformity were introduced in Russia. This is the result of the adoption of the Regulation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation No. 1934 of 27/05/2021 entitled "On the approval of the forms of certificates of conformity and the declaration of conformity and the composition of the information contained therein".

Certificates and declarations of conformity

It is worth recalling that both the certificates of conformity and the declaration of conformity may be completed in paper form and/or in the form of an electronic document. The regulation in question provides in detail and describes the procedure for filling in these documents. A very important information is that entering information in documents that are not provided for in the form, as well as abbreviations of words (except for generally accepted markings and abbreviations) and any correction of the text are not allowed.

What are the most important changes to the forms?

Although the changes in the forms are not very big, they can be confusing, so we list the most important of them below:

  • The position of items such as the Certification body, the Applicant and the Producer in the form was changed
  • The Certification body is now named after the manufacturer.
  • A unique tax identification number (INN) is assigned to the Applicant
  • If the Applicant is a foreign Producer under the law on the basis of an agreement with such entity, additional information should be provided on the applicant's agreement with a given foreign Producer.

Imported product traceability

Due to the introduced changes, applicants will have to provide the global GLN location number of a foreign manufacturer when issuing permits for imported products, and in its absence, another individual identifier. This will help to automatically determine the place of production of a given product. In the absence of another identifier, it is necessary to provide the geographic coordinates determined by the GLONASS signals - latitude and longitude.

Other changes made to documents

In addition, the regulation specifies the procedure for indicating the validity period of the certificate of conformity, and the form includes a signature line for an expert-auditor who will have to sign the document if he will perform work related to the certification of a given product.