Russia will consider introducing digital water labeling for children

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has put forward a proposal to introduce digital labeling of bottled drinking water intended for infants.

Digital product labeling in Russia

The rollout of the digital labeling system in Russia began in 2016, and the entire process is scheduled to be completed in 2024. A unique digital code is placed on the products and allows each buyer to make sure that he is dealing with legally produced high-quality goods. The system allows to trace the entire route of the goods - from the manufacturer or importer to the end customer. Thus, it significantly minimizes the risk that the purchased product has been replaced with a counterfeit product at any stage of production or delivery for sale.

Children's products under special supervision

Products intended for children are a product category that is under special control of consumer safety regulators. Toys, clothes and shoes, baby food, and even window structures, water or playgrounds - all these categories of products, due to the safety of children, are subject to special requirements and procedures, described in the technical regulations.

No more circumventing the law

This time, the decision is not only the result of concern for the safety of children, but also the use of unfair practices by producers. Experts say some bottled water producers are taking advantage of the fact that baby food water is not subject to digital labeling requirements and move their products to the 'baby' category, thus bypassing mandatory marketing conditions for products with digital labels, codes and increasing the risk of supply of contaminated water to the Russian market.

It is planned to start marking water for children from September 1, 2022.