Russia banned the use of the names of other food flavors in the names of alcohols

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has prepared an explanatory letter "On the admissibility of labeling alcoholic beverages with information in the form of an image or text that applies to other food products." The letter was signed on May 5 this year and was numbered 27-04-15 / 34643.

Naming alcohols without reference to other food products

The most important information included in the explanations concerns the prohibition of indicating in the descriptions of alcoholic beverages the characteristic aromas (so-called organoleptic indicators) and taste of alcoholic products containing the names of any other food products that are not part of the alcoholic beverages.

Technical regulations for food products

This decision is justified in the technical regulation TR CU 022/2011 "Food products with regard to their labeling". In particular, it is about the change in the regulations that entered into force on April 28, 2021. According to it, it is forbidden to use the image or text description of these products in the labeling of food products that:

  • are not contained in packages intended for retail sale
  • have not been used in the production of food products or their ingredients
  • whose taste and / or aroma are not imitated by the ingredients of food products in packages intended for retail sale.

Description or photo of the dish on the product label allowed

The only exception to the above rule is the labeling of food products in the form of a description or photo of the food in which these products are used. In this case, the label must be accompanied by the words "version of the prepared dish" (or text with similar meaning).

Design for labeling changes under development

It should be remembered that a draft amendment to the technical regulations on product labeling is currently being discussed in the Eurasian Economic Union. One of the provisions of the draft is the correction of the indicated prohibition. The draft amendment to the technical regulations on alcohol has been sent to the Ministry of Development and Trade. According to these regulations, the labeling of alcoholic beverages will be able to include information in the form of an image or a text description relating to other food in order to describe the taste and aroma properties of the drink and to provide the consumer with additional information about these properties. Please note that the changes to the regulations have not yet been adopted and are therefore not legally binding.