Due to numerous requests for official publications of national standards of the Russian Federation (GOST standards), Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (RosStandard) explained as follows.


According to the Government Resolution of the Russian Federation dated 25 September 2003 N 594 "On the publication of national standards and all-Russian classifiers of technical, economic and social information," the official publication of national standards and all-Russian classifiers is implemented by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

Texts of national standards to be officially published in the printed publications (books, pamphlets, collections) and public information systems - the official site Rosstandard on the Internet.

In addition, administrative regulations of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology "on implementation of state functions to respond to national standards, norms and recommendations in this area and ensure their availability to interested persons, approved by Order of Industry and Trade of Russia from November 6, 2008 N 266, is defined that apart from the distribution of printed national standards, provided the dissemination of official copies of national standards, carried out through an automated information system (AIS) "GOST Dissemination System". The official copies of standards within the AIS are produced in digital form on the basis of publishing text image format standards in an immutable format (pdf).

The list of organizations authorized by RosStandard to distribute official copies of national standards through the AIS GOST Dissemination System posted on the official site Rosstandard http://www.gost.ru
Texts of national standards derived from sources other than those mentioned above do not have the status of official publications of national standards.

source: rst.bryansk.ru


The unofficial version of the GOST Standards could be found on http://base.gost-standard.info.