Proposal to ban the sale of e-cigarettes in Russia

In the Russian Federation, a proposal has been made to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes. This is the idea of ​​politicians from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, which is working on the relevant law.

Possible changes to the federal law on e-cigarettes

Experts want to introduce changes to the federal law No. 15-FZ of February 23, 2013 "On the protection of citizens' health against exposure to passive inhalation of tobacco smoke, the effects of using tobacco or nicotine-containing products." Such a decision is a result of cases of poisoning or death due to the use of e-cigarettes, which are increasingly reported by local and national media.

E-cigarettes harm people's health

Unlike conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not emit tar, but can still be harmful to your health. Especially for the health of the youngest - children and adolescents who have been using this type of stimulant more and more frequently in recent years. Therefore, more countries are introducing regulations that prevent the purchase of e-cigarettes by minors, impose requirements on manufacturers regarding the content of nicotine and warnings on liquid packaging, and prohibit advertising of this type of goods.

Another postulate - mandatory e-cigarette certification

The State Duma Health Commission is also considering the possibility of introducing mandatory certification of electronic cigarettes by the Ministry of Health and the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights (Rospotrebnadzor). As a result of a thorough inspection, special inspection departments will confirm that the product is harmless to health, and only after this procedure any e-cigarettes could be placed on the Russian market.