Policy on use of the national accreditation symbol

On May 21, 2021, the third version of the document entitled "Policy of use of the national accreditation symbol by accredited bodies" was approved. Units whose accreditation has not been suspended or withdrawn have the right to use the accreditation symbol confirming accreditation, together with the number of entries in the register of accredited units or a pictogram indicating the type of the accredited body.

Where can the national accreditation symbol be used?

Accredited bodies may use the symbol discussed in the article in one of the three following cases:

  1. On the issued documents containing the results of work on the conformity assessment (in cases where it is not inconsistent with the forms of documents established in technical regulations and other normative acts)
  2. In the materials used to participate in tender procedures
  3. On their website

What conditions must accredited bodies meet?

In order to legally use the national accreditation system symbol, accredited body must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Maintain an 'electronic register of examples of use of the symbol’, including sample documents and website pages. Rossacreditation has the right to request access to this information during the procedure for confirming the competence of an accredited body.
  2. Possess a document generated from the quality management system containing the rules for using the symbol, including:
  • possible cases of using the symbol
  • procedure for considering reports of violations of use and taking remedial actions
  • procedure for providing information on Rossacreditation’s demand
  • procedure of expiry of the authorization to use the national accreditation system symbol
  1. Keep records of the use of the symbol.

Accredited testing laboratories and the symbol of the national accreditation system

Accredited testing laboratories that have successfully passed the competence approval procedure may apply for the use of the national accreditation system symbol in conjunction with the ILAC MRA symbol. For this purpose, the accredited body should submit an application for the right to use the ILAC MRA symbol to the Federal Accreditation Agency, enclosing a package of documents confirming this fact.