New standard for the export of forest crops

At the request of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, a new state standard GOST R 59663-2021, "Fresh mushrooms from the chanterelle family. General technical conditions ” has been created. This standard is in force in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The standard for fresh chanterelles

The new standard applies to the fruiting bodies of chanterelles delivered fresh to the consumer. It is the first document adopted in the Russian Federation that specifies the requirements for a popular and widespread product such as chanterelles.

Requirements for chanterelles intended for sale

The adopted standard GOST R 59663-2021 establishes:

  • classification rules for chanterelles depending on their quality ( highest, first, second) in terms of organoleptic and physicochemical indicators
  • rules for calibrating chanterelles
  • requirements for packing, labeling, transport and storage of the chanterelles
  • control methods

Reference to international standards

The basis for the development of the GOST R 59663-2021 standard was the international UNECE FFV 55: 2017 standard for the marketing and commercial quality control of chanterelles. Harmonization of the national standard with international requirements is aimed at improving the development of export potential. Chanterelles are in great demand not only on the Russian market, but also have the highest share in the total export of mushrooms produced on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Wild chanterelles as an organic product

Wild chanterelles can be included in organic products and labeled with the label of the organic product, provided that the processes of their collection and harvesting comply with the requirements of the Federal Law of August 3, 2018 No. 280-FZ "On organic products and amendments to certain acts legal regulations of the Russian Federation" and the national standard GOST R 59425-2021 "Ecological products from wild raw materials. Principles of collection, supply, processing, storage, transport and labeling", which entered into force on June 1, 2021.