Modified technical regulation of Customs Union about “Safety of toys” (CU TR 008/2011)

Based on the clause № 52 of the Eurasian Economic Commission contract and enclosure №1 to the regulation of EurAsEC approved by the Council from December 23, 2014, it was decided to:

  1. To add accepted in the attachment changes about “Safety of toys” into technical regulation of Customs Union taken into force from September 23, 2011 (CU TR 008/2011).
    1. Add “magnetic toy”, “magnetic toy’s element” and “functional magnet” after paragraphs № 8, 13 and 24 in the direct sequence.
    2. Replace certain words and titles by other meaning in clauses № 4, 6, 7.
    3. Add a warning note concerning magnetic toys on any package or maintenance instruction.
  1. Present decision becomes effective after 12 months since the moment of public announcement.