Mandatory digital labeling of beer and beer drinks in Russia

The government of the Russian Federation informs about the prepared draft resolution on the introduction of mandatory digital labeling of beer in the country in specialized packaging from September 1, 2022, and in other types of packaging - from December 1, 2022.



What types of alcohol will be digitally labeled?

The draft provides that mandatory digital labeling will be subject to:

  • malt beer (strength from 0.5% to 8.6% inclusive, as well as strength over 8.6%) 
  • beer drinks
  • cider and pear cider
  • fermented low alcohol drinks

Pilot program for digital beer labeling

In Russia, as with other products such as mineral water, a pilot project for labeling beer and beverages was carried out prior to the introduction of universal compulsory digital labeling. It started on April 1, 2021 and will last until August 31, 2022. Currently, 167 companies take part in it, with approximately 80% share in the beer and beer beverages market.

Why make beer labeling mandatory?

According to the operator of the CRPT system, the introduction of mandatory labeling with digital means will allow honest producers to obtain about 2.5-3 billion rubles in profit. Moreover, in order to create comfortable working conditions, the EGAIS system, in which producers and suppliers are registered, will be integrated with the marking system, which will enable work synchronization.