Guidelines for defining "quality of goods" in the EAEU

The Management Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission has prepared recommendations on the approach to defining the concept of "quality of goods", as well as "quality of work" or "quality of services" in the territory of the EAEU.

Regulations on the quality of goods

Although quality is a commonly used term, specific provisions are needed in the certification process to define it. A well-described definition of quality allows the buyer to guarantee that the goods are free from defects after quality control. Specifying the definition will also allow for the streamlining and improvement of the quality control process, because the personnel carrying out such activities will be able to follow clear guidelines.

Legislation on the quality of goods

Experts prepared recommendations according to which "the quality of goods (as well as works or services)" is to be understood as a set of features ensuring compliance of goods (as well as works with services) with:

  • requirements set out in the acts of EAEU bodies
  • requirements established by the legislation of the EAEU member states
  • the terms of a civil law contract for the sale of goods (or the performance of works or services), and in the absence of such a contract, the purposes for which these goods (works, services) are usually used
  • information on the characteristics of goods (works, services), including their compliance with international, national and organizational standards, presented in advertisements, packaging and labels.

Thus, when introducing products, performing works or providing services in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union countries, all EAEU, state and civil law documents (regulations), national and international standards as well as the product characteristics declared on packaging and in advertising must be observed. Such a holistic definition of quality allows you to take into account even the smallest details, which are described in the above-mentioned documents.