Gosstandart approved the State Standardization Plan for 2022

The State Standardization Plan of the Republic of Belarus for 2022 was created on the basis of proposals from government entities, technical standardization committees and other organizations.

Work on 461 topics

Work on 461 topics has been planned for the current year. Among them is the development of 7 amendments to the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union for perfumes and cosmetics, machinery and equipment, packaging, lubricants, oils and specialized liquids, labeling of food products, limiting the use of hazardous substances in electrical and radio products, as well as for toys. In addition, the technical regulations of the Republic of Belarus on telecommunications means will be amended.

Another state standards

Belarus informs that it is planned to develop 306 state standards STB and GOST for various economic sectors, as well as to make changes to the already existing standards. As many as 219 national standards will be harmonized with international and European standards. 75 organizational, methodological and general technical standards will be developed and revised. In 9 technical codes of established practice, the scientific and technical level of 63 state standards will be tested.

Standards supporting the regulations of the EAEU

74 GOST standards will be developed to support the EAEU technical regulations for low voltage devices, perfumes and cosmetics, machinery and equipment, devices operating on gas fuel, wheeled vehicles, electromagnetic compatibility, food products, milk and dairy products, limiting the use of hazardous substances in products electrical equipment, as well as for devices operating under excessive pressure. It is also planned to develop 15 state standards aimed at gradual limitation of the use of polymer packaging along with provisions on their ecological substitutes.

Additional areas of regulation

The plans announced by Belarus also include the development of 5 state standards as part of the implementation of the "Quality 2021-2025" program and 22 state standards for the state program "Technologies and scientific devices" for the years 2021-2025.

The subject of standardization in 2022 will also include: tractors and agricultural machinery, gas meters, heat meters, transformers, lamps, organic LED screens, road construction materials, fire-fighting agents, perfumes and cosmetics, petroleum products, fuels, milk and milk products, sausage and sausage products, textiles, leather, shoes, water quality, packaging and more.