The Rostechregulirovanije letter from 1 September 2010 number ВК-101-26-/6584

According to the Decision of Customs Union Commission from 18 July 2010 N 319 till 1 January 2012 when products are imported on the territory of the Customs Union you should apply for the Certificates of Conformity, which have formalized forms in the Customs Union or the Certifications of Conformity (Declarations of Conformity) according to the member states legislations of the Customs Union (a national treatment of acknowledgement of conformity).

Therefore, in reference to import of products from the third countries on the territory of the Russian Federation in case the participant of foreign trade activities chooses a national treatment of acknowledgement of conformity, the  letters of Federal agency to FTS Russia from 18 December 2007 number ГЭ-101-26/7189 , from 08 July 2009 number  СП-101-26/3993 , from 16 February 2010 number СП-101-26/969  about the organizations authorized by Federal agency to give out  explanations whether the products are objects of obligatory acknowledgement of conformity, continue to operate. You can find the information of these organizations on a site of Federal agency