EAEU specifies the requirements for food additives with sweetening properties

On March 17, 2021, explanations on the use of food additives with sweetening properties were published on the website of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

The most important EAEU regulations regarding food and food additives

The documents relating to food and food additives in the EAEU are two technical regulations:

  • TR CU 021/2011 "On food safety"
  • TR CU 029/2012 "Safety requirements for food additives, flavorings and technological additives"


The regulations specify detailed requirements for food additives and technological additives used in food production.

Food additives in products for infants

Pursuant to the provisions of article 8, paragraph 5 of the Technical Regulations, food products for infants should not contain any sweeteners. The exception to this rule is specialized food products for dietary therapeutic and preventive nutrition of infants.

Marking of products with the addition of sweeteners

The producer of the food product independently determines the purpose of the food additive and the function that it performs in a specific product. Any product containing an additive with sweetening properties must include this information on a label: “Contains sweetener. Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.” When an additive is not used as a sweetener but for a technological function, this label is not required to be used.

Principles of classification of sweeteners

Technical Regulation TR CU 029/2012 contains a definition of the term "sweetener", but does not define the classification characteristics of sweeteners - so-called sugar alcohols. At the same time, the document clearly states that the use of food additives should not increase the risk of adverse effects of the product on human health and should not mislead the consumer. They can only be used when necessary to improve the properties of the product.

The total content of all food additives in the product must not exceed the legal limits. Standards for sweeteners in some types of products are regulated in Annex 13 to the Technical Regulations.

Sweeteners in dietary and specialist products

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that, according to the regulations in question, in food products with reduced energy value, without the addition of sugar, in dietetic and specialist products, the use of food additives with sweetening properties is allowed to increase the shelf life of the product.