Draft amendments to the toy safety regulations under discussion

The prepared draft amendment No. 3 to the technical regulation TR CU 008/2011 "On the safety of toys" was subject to the procedure of public discussion. The debate on potential changes to the document will last until the end of February 2021.

What's included in the draft change?

The draft of changes discussed in this article clarifies and specifies some of the existing provisions of the technical regulations. Importantly, when developing the proposed changes, the existing practices of applying the provisions of the document were taken into account.

The draft therefore defines the scope of the technical regulations. An important change is the fact that the following subjects are proposed to be excluded from the regulations:

  • skateboards
  • bicycles
  • sports scooters
  • electronic equipment, i.e. game consoles, computers
  • software
  • fireworks

Changes in the nomenclature

The document also introduces proposals for new terms and definitions for toys. In addition, the technical regulations would be supplemented with safety requirements for new types of toys, such as scented toys, perfume sets, large toys, etc. The changes on the toy market are extremely dynamic. Every year there are new products, so the regulations need to be updated in this regard.

New requirements for toys

It is worth noting that the clarifications in the project also apply to the requirements for coloring the surfaces of toys that come into contact with the child's mouth. The new provisions also created the requirements for marking and requirements for electric toys, etc. The list of chemical substances authorized for use in toys has also been changed.