Discussion on the draft amendment to the regulations on products for children and adolescents

On April 30, 2021, a public discussion began on the draft amendment to the technical regulations CU TR 007/2011 "On the safety of products intended for children and adolescents'', which will last until July 30, 2021. The discussed draft of changes is aimed at establishing the form of the scheme and the conformity assessment procedure. According to the plans, the new version of the regulations will become effective only 6 months after the official publication of the decision on the adoption of the amendments by the EAEU Council.

Terms updated in line with the EAEU requirements

The provisions of the regulation have been revised based on the requirements of the Protocol of technical regulations in the Eurasian Economic Union (Annex 9 to the EAEU Treaty of 29 May 2014) and the current practice of its application. It is therefore proposed to exclude the terms contained in the provisions of the Treaty from Article 2. This applies to the following terms: "exemption", "manufacturer", "importer" and "person authorized by the manufacturer".

Security requirements

In line with the requirements of the above-mentioned documents, the draft changes propose to implement two articles of the regulation:

  • Art. 10 specifying the principles of ensuring compliance with safety requirements
  • Art. 12 on product conformity assessment procedures.

With reference to Art. 10, the draft provides a detailed description of the application of the standards from the lists contained in the standardization document, which were adopted to meet the requirements of the technical regulation TR CU 007/2011.

Schemes of certification and declaration of conformity

In general, in the discussed document, the key certification and declaration of conformity schemes remained unchanged, as in the case of state registration. However, it is planned to implement numbering schemes:

  • 1р - for products manufactured in the territory of EAEU countries
  • 2p - for products manufactured outside the territory of the EAEU countries.

Required documents

The draft of changes provides for the establishment of mandatory requirements as to the complete set of documents necessary to confirm the conformity of products, as well as the procedure for conducting conformity assessment procedures. The document does not affect the actual lists of children's goods that require registration of authorizations for conformity assessment.

It is worth noting that a draft decision of the EAEU Council, which precisely defines the procedure for implementing changes, has already been prepared. Pursuant to the document, it will not be required to re-issue the permits to carry out the conformity assessment adopted before the amendment's entry into force.