Discussion on possible changes to the technical regulations for the perfume and cosmetics industry

Until March 31, 2022, public discussion on the draft amendment to the technical regulations TR CU 009/2011 "On the safety of perfumery and cosmetic products" will continue.

Regulations for perfumes and cosmetics

Russia represents as much as 4% of the global cosmetics market and is the fourth largest market in Europe - after Germany, France and the UK. Cosmetics entering the Russian market must meet the requirements that are described in the technical regulation TR CU 009/2011, which entered into force on July 1, 2012. This document was adopted on September 23, 2011 by the Eurasian Economic Commission.

An interesting fact is that the definition of cosmetic products in Russia is the same as the definition of cosmetic products in the EU. Some parts of the technical regulation are very similar to the EU cosmetics directive and the current EU cosmetics regulations 1223/2009, which allows for the harmonization of some of the requirements and, consequently, easier movement of goods.

Proposed changes

The proposed changes relate to the list of products covered by the technical regulations, supplementing the document with new terms, as well as the requirements for toxicological indicators obtained on the basis of the analysis of the toxicological properties of the cosmetics’ ingredients. Changes in the requirements for intimate and oral hygiene products are also being discussed.

Packaging regulations

In addition, the draft amendment prohibits the marketing marks of products in consumer packaging that have a graphic design (i.e. a combination of graphics and text) completely similar to the graphic design of food packaging. This is intended to end practice for the sake of consumer safety.

The project also proposes the introduction of a 5-year validity period for state registration certificates (GSC) for the products in question.